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Meet the latest YouTube singing sensation on the interwebs: US mum Shannon Abbott plus her gorgeous fan club: her little baby boy.

She sings a very funny parody of the beautiful song Leonard Cohen wrote, Hallelujah. Her version is about what it's like being a mum to little kids.

It’s a little less pretty, and a lot more gritty.

She sings about the sleepless nights, the epic tantrums and the absolute refusal to eat anything, go to bed or put shoes on.

We can all relate!

But the stand out part of her video has to be her absolutely stunning voice! She sings like an angel. And for a tired mum, that is no mean feat.

The video has racked up millions of views and Shannon is stunned,


Shannon has her own YouTube channel and performs a range of covers with her guitar and sometimes her kids. She is clearly a busy mum of small children, but makes sure that she allows time to pursue her passion: singing. This will set a great example for her kids. Everyone wins! But Shannon knows how to keep it real. Well, having little kids always keeps it real,


What a talent! We see huge things in store for this gorgeous mum.


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